What to do When You’re Lacking Motivation

What you desire is usually your biggest motivator, however some days even that isn’t enough to keep you going.


Motivation is, “the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviour.” So, when you have a goal, it’s motivation that gets you up and moving towards achieving that goal.

But the hardest part is continuing to follow through on that day in and day out. Regardless of how strong your initial desire was, there will be days where you lack motivation. Usually this is your inner fears working against you, trying to protect you from failure or uncomfortable situations.


As your mind fights against itself, you become paralysed. Your enthusiasm fades and leaves you in a heap of discouragement.


So what do you do when you’re lacking motivation?


Chances are you’ve faced some of the below de-motivators. Well, now it’s time to learn how to fight against them and keep your motivation alive and kicking.




Sadly there doesn’t be any escape from this. We’re so wired to be hard on ourselves, that the second something doesn’t go quite according to plan we spiral into a trail of self doubt and destruction.


Failure is an inevitable part of starting any business. Instead of going into self destruct mode at the first sign of failure, turn the tables around and look at all the things you’re doing well.


For one, you had the courage to get up and start a business in the first place. Own that!


And instead of berating yourself for everything that could’ve been done better, celebrate all the things that have gone well. Celebrate every little success. Did you make a sale? Celebrate it! Did you get more leads today? Celebrate it! Has your sales funnel opt-in rate increased? Celebrate it!


Make it a priority to start each day on a positive note by using affirmations to remind yourself of how awesome you are.



If you push yourself too hard it’s inevitable you’re going to reach some level of burn out. This is why it’s so important to focus on your health, and doing things you love.


No-one is invincible and just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the day-to-day necessities to try and reach your goals faster.


Is it really worth pushing yourself to these sorts of extreme limits if it’s just going to result in you crashing and burning? Probably not.


The better thing to do is to always focus on keeping your life balanced. Avoid burnout by remaining close to people who encourage you, breaking up your goals into smaller tasks, and finding ways to love what you do.


And if you don’t love what you do, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.




Motivation starts in our mind, after all, it’s all about pushing ourselves to achieve our deepest desires. But because our minds are in control, this is where we can also become demotivated.


Unless you know how to control your subconscious mind, doubt and fear will eventually start creeping in and these thoughts can distract us from our main purpose.


A good way to clear your mind and stay focused on your goals is through meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be as intense as you’re probably thinking. It can just be a simple task of spending a few minutes focusing on your breathing, or listening to some audio. Do this once a day and it will allow you to rid your mind of any de-motivating thoughts so you can get back to business.


Unclear Purpose


A common demotivator is not knowing the why behind our actions. Why do we want to start a business? Why do we want to take risks and put everything on the line? If you don’t know the why, then you won’t have the reason to keep going when times get hard.


We lose motivation when we forget about our goals. Often, we get so caught up in reaching them that we forget why we started in the first place.


Remember what you want. Keep a picture by your desk, or a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, make a vision board. Do whatever you’ve got to do to help you refocus your energies on keeping your motivation alive.

Motivation isn’t everything, but it sure helps to achieve the success you so desire.