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Understanding Online Business 

The Social Media Blueprint is the perfect place to start for someone who wants to create an online business, take their existing business online or help manage other businesses social media accounts.

Our Social Media Blueprint will teach you what you need to know in order to gain momentum online and different ways you can gain revenue online.You will also learn the importance of a brand, how to ensure continuous growth and and what Summit Social Academy can do for you to help you grow bigger and better” 



The One Stop Shop to building Online Presence

The Impact is our flagship online mega-course which includes over 150 training modules in one nice spot.

It will take your business from brand new learning the fundamentals, to scaling your business to the max using advanced traffic and email strategies to help your business reach the masses.

The Impact will be your go to resource for everything online and will help show you the ways of Social Media this day and age.


Sharing Your Story Visual with the World

The Crafting Your Story package is our brand awareness videography package in which we help you craft the best version of your story possible, and make it a captivating visual.

In the crafting your story package, we will help you create your script for your video, find stock footage to bring your vision to visual and provide premium audio allowing you to use your new video with commercial use.

The Crafting your Story package will help share your businesses vision in a way that words couldn’t, without the hefty price tag.


Business Masterclass for Higher Results

We understand that building your own empire is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but for some, it can be the most frustrating, so we’ve done something very special.

The Impact PRO Program is an exclusive group for those wanting to have ongoing assistance while building your business.

This includes 3 additional coaching programs including advanced branding, business strategies and personal transformation to ensure you are in the right mindset for success, as well as an exclusive chat group, webinars and other bonuses.

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