5 Tony Robbins Lessons That Will Completely Change Your Business

If anyone has ever told you that running an online business would be easy then run from them. They probably don’t have your best interests at heart. Yes, an online business can be a great source of passive income, but it takes hard work and consistent daily action to make it successful.


Some days will seem a lot easier than others. And there will come a point where everything just clicks and it does become easy, but that will take time.


And in that time you will undoubtedly face many obstacles, and it’s how you react in those moments that are the most critical to your online business success.


So what advice should you follow when times get tough?


Let’s turn to Tony Robbins for a moment…


To find the best advice on your journey to success, you need to turn to the best.


Named the top life and business strategist in the United States, Tony Robbins is a stand out for inspiration. He coaches entrepreneurs across the globe, while also writing bestselling books, and giving back to various communities through his philanthropic efforts.


Before Robbins became a worldwide success, he was simply an artist with a dream. Little by little he found his way into the world of business as he used his talents to make a difference in people’s lives.


Just like you, Robbins had to start small. He worked day and night to promote his first lecture. When he was expecting 500 people in attendance, he only had 7 people show up. But today, over 4 million people around the word have listened to Robbins speak live.


Tony Robbins knows what it feels like to start from nothing and work your way up. When you’re needing a pick-me-up on your challenging days, start with these tidbits of wisdom from him:


Think differently


Change begins with thought. As Robbins describes it, “To jump from where you are to where you want to go just requires a different psychology than you have right now.” You’re only motivated to make a change when you first have a conscious thought to do so.


Look at what thought inhibitors are keeping you from achieving more. Perhaps it’s the thought that what doesn’t need to be done today can be done tomorrow. Or the thought that you don’t have what it takes. The thought that someone else is more qualified than you. The thought, “If I only had more of this or that…”


Do you internally deny yourself success? Stop now, and start to think a little differently.


Keep trying

Robbins brings up a valid argument in one lecture series: often we don’t give ourselves enough attempts to find a solution. “How long would you give your average child to learn how to walk?” he asks. But in response to this Robbins says that most parents would say, “My child is going to keep trying until he or she walks.”


This is the “magic formula” to success. Robbins breaks it down into three parts.


First you need to know “exactly what you want.” Focus your desires and obsessions, the ones that can’t be subdued, into a determination to achieve them.


Then, use that desire to fuel massive action and tweak as you need until you reach the third phase which is effective execution.


If along the way, you fail to keep trying, you’ll never fulfil those desires you began with. So don’t stop trying until you find that effective solution!


Give them what they want


At a recent conference, Robbins spoke on the power of innovation for business. But, as he said, that power only matters so much as you give consumers what they want.


He spoke of Steve Jobs when he had just taken Apple back, right when the company was about to go bankrupt. Robbins attributes Jobs’ success in saving his business not to a “massive change in technology,” but rather because to Jobs understanding “the needs of the client much more effectively.”


Jobs used his innovative thinking to give the people what they wanted, something that Apple continues to do even after Jobs’ passing.


Are you doing the same?


Surround yourself with greatness


You may have heard it before, but Robbins reiterates that, “Who you spend time with is who you are going to become.”


To Robbins, choosing the people you surround yourself with is one of the three most important decisions you’ll make in your life because it is such a large determinant of your future self.


Anyone in business today knows that a great portion of your continued success will be based upon the people you know and the networks you’ve made. Who you choose to network with will establish future career opportunities for you, or the lack thereof. Sometimes success comes down to being in the right place with the right people at the right time.


You will be placing yourself, as well, in a perfect position to learn from role models of success.


By modelling your life around theirs, it’ll be a lot easier to find the aforementioned effective execution to your desires.


Live beautifully

Next to who you’re going to love, the next and most important decision you’ll make is to choose to “live in a beautiful state every day no matter what, because that is the only thing you can control.” Robbins notes that the bigger your company gets, the harder it is to control. However, you can control the direction it’s heading in by one of two ways.


Either you can live by worrying, suffering, and being afraid, or you can live in this beautiful state, as he so calls it. The state of being where we live by our passions and our creativity. Where our outlook on the world is hopeful and playful. Where you are confident enough to know that you are enough.


Robbins is not saying you must “be happy” all the time to live in such a state; he says that’s ridiculous and unreal.


But you can begin to live beautifully by noticing where you suffer. Is the stress you feel beneficial to your achievement? Does it fulfil you, or does it leave you more worried than you were before? Find those negative stressors, and then eliminate them completely from your life.


Tough times will come. But when they do, hold on to advice that motivates you to try again and trust in your capabilities as a business owner.


Do you have any other words of advice from Tony Robbins that inspire you? Share them below in the comments!